Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen

Feeding the souls of Lima, Ohio


Feeding the souls of Lima

Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization making donations tax deductable. We are funded through generous donations from caring individuals, churches, organizations, and business from our community and the surrounding area. We also have accepted privately funded grants from corporations and private foundations; however no government funds are accepted.

Through food donations we are able to keep the cost of food purchased to less than $0.59 per meal with over 38,000 meals served in 2014. So you can see how any tax deductable donation can impact the lives of those that depend on us.

That does not include our other operating costs such as gas for the stove and heating, electricity, building maintenance, etc. With that our cost is $365 a day, so someone making a donation the equals a dollar a day, will be underwriting an entire day of operation.

 Any one making a monetary donation will receive a tax receipt in January of the next year.

Donations: Donations may be sent to:
Daily Bread Soup Kitchen
  P.O. Box 488
Lima, Ohio 45802
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